A complete digitalisation thanks to AGIL & Coffreo!

Agil and Coffreo: a partnership for the complete digitalisation of processes – an interview with Mr. Wolfgang Fritz, Senior Sales at Agil Software GmbH.

A complete digitalisation

Hello Mr Fritz, can you please introduce us to Agil Software GmbH?

Agil Software GmbH is an owner-managed software company and has been in existence since 1997. We offer our customers an innovative software solution for employee leasing, with which one can perfectly master the common problems that temporary employment entails.

We have a nationwide presence with approximately 400 clients of all sizes and offer both a cloud and purchased solution.

Our customers are not only convinced by the user-friendly interface and the intuitive design of our software. We have developed the software “AGIL Zeit”, which enables companies to automate and simplify the process of employee leasing.

With AGIL Zeit, all relevant information about each employee can be entered. The software can create documents and invoices from this data according to your templates, which simplifies, optimises and digitalises workflows.

Thanks to the integration of Coffreo, we can even see this through to the electronic signature of the most important documents.

What trends do you expect in this market in 2023?

Based on our forecasts, the temporary staffing market is expected to grow moderately compared to 2022 and we expect our company to gain disproportionate market share.

The fact that, in addition to our industry-optimised software solution, we run an excellent support service gives us clear advantages over our competitors in terms of flexibility, response time and communication channels.

We have a team of six employees who can be reached via our hotline number during our opening hours. But even during certain phases when all lines are busy, the call does not go nowhere; the call is then forwarded to our other departments.

Through this precise procedure as well as through our ticket system, we ensure that every customer receives a quick answer to their questions without having to spend a long time in a queue. Our customers appreciate this effective method and we pride ourselves on providing them with excellent customer service.

What are the biggest challenges for your customers at the moment?

One of the biggest challenges our customers are currently facing is the increasing digitalisation and automation of business processes.

Many companies are striving to respond to these changes and optimise their processes in order to remain competitive. In doing so, they must also keep the needs of their customers in mind and respond to their growing expectations regarding the quality and speed of services.

Without appropriate software, these companies cannot cope in the market and then come to us. Overall, companies today need to be very agile and able to adapt quickly to new challenges in order to compete successfully. And here we are happy to be at their disposal as a companion within our own solution.

Many larger ERP providers now offer additional services such as matching and recruitment. Do you think Agil will also go down this path?

Of course, we want to remain a player in the temporary employment market that can handle overall projects. We offer temporary employment software and that is central for us.

We will continue to manage supplementary add-on products, such as the integration of Coffreo’s signature solutions, through our partners who specialise in this. This gives us the flexibility to always quickly integrate “best of breed” technologies.

Why did you decide to partner with Coffreo?

A customer brought Coffreo to our attention and after looking at the solution, we were impressed by its simplicity and security. We were so convinced that we decided to work with Coffreo and the collaboration began.

The implementation of the Coffreo solution went smoothly and we had an excellent working relationship with the friendly Coffreo team at all times. We are convinced on both a strategic and technical level and are very happy with our decision to work with them.

“What we particularly like about Coffreo is that their solution is a piece of the puzzle that we have been missing.”

Many customers complain that they do not get the AÜV signed in time and are often forced to sign the document in person. Although digitisation offers a solution, some clients are sceptical about digital signatures.

However, Coffreo’s digital signature can simplify the entire process and is extremely easy for clients to use. As a result, customers can sign the important documents digitally from the comfort of anywhere and no longer have to go through the hassle of appearing in person.

We thank Mr Fritz for this interview!

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