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Coffreo - a top tool for digitizing your HR processes

Take advantage of the market leader’s support in the digitisation of temporary and short-term contracts. This way, you not only make the exchange easier, but also secure. As a personnel service provider, your primary concern is to place suitable personnel, to act as a personnel consultant and to promote the trust of your customers.

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In addition, you also plan the deployment of staff to your customers. The high administrative effort often prevents you from fully concentrating on your core business. With Coffreo, you optimise and secure the exchange of documents to save time. In this way, you are more reactive for your customers and can act in a legally compliant and responsive manner even for orders at short notice.

AGIL Zeit offers you high performance for:

Make your workflows more fluid, automated and secure. With this platform for digitising your HR processes, you make your employees’ working lives easier. Implementation is possible with a minimum of effort – but brings about maximum efficiency. Coffreo supports you in the exchange with your talents – makes it easier, faster and more secure. Your benefit:

However, its use offers advantages not only for you as a personnel service provider. Your employees will also appreciate this service.

Agil and Coffreo - an optimal synergy for your personnel management

This cooperation offers you these advantages:

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