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Agenda - the payroll software
for personnel service providers

Rely on a professional software solution that optimally supports you in your payroll accounting.
Thanks to the direct connection to Agil, you can quickly and efficiently pay your employees with Agenda.


Direct connection to Agil


Mobile cloud solutions for modern HR work

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Integrated registration and certification system

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Clever assistants for complex issues

Payroll is a complex matter: it costs companies a lot of time and requires extensive knowledge of legal regulations that are subject to constant change. Use software that provides figures on the spot when you need them.

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Make payroll a smooth affair with Agenda.

Thanks to the direct connection to Agil, double entry is a thing of the past: As a personnel service provider, you create your employees only once and record payroll-relevant hours in a single system.

Benefit from simple menu navigation and clever assistants that also support you in complex processes such as wage garnishment.

Send data directly from the software with the integrated reporting and certification system and thus simplify communication with authorities.

Involve your employees more in your HR work. With cloud-based portal solutions, your employees can access wage and salary documents online, for example.

Agil and Agenda - a powerful combination for your success.

Agenda Payroll offers you these advantages: