Agil Zeit

The perfect software solution for personnel service providers.

AGIL Zeit stands for state-of-the-art programme development, ease of use and efficient administration. With it, you can map all business processes in the field of employee leasing and temporary employment – with perfect functionality, effective, always up to date and flexibly adaptable to any company size.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, AGIL Zeit can be operated intuitively. This reduces administrative costs and saves you time – up to 70 %.

We do everything we can to always offer the best for your requirements.

Talk to us about your needs and find the ideal solution - according to your requirements – according to your needs.

We will be happy to advise you!

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AGIL Zeit offers you high performance for:

Address management

An effective way to capture customer data and prospect information, as well as the history of their contacts, sales and the status of staff assignments.

Personnel management

The presentation of all wage-relevant data, including specific bonuses, collective agreements, holiday and flexitime accounts.

Order management

Deposit of flexible hourly billing rates and individual surcharges for wage and individual invoicing; own payroll accounting or flexible connection to external payroll programmes; occupation-dependent minimum wages and contracts as well as individual employee leasing contracts; automatic calculation of equal pay and maximum leasing period as well as all industry surcharges.

Time recording

Precise recording of wage and invoice data at the daily level, supported by automated suggestions based on the order data.

Monthly recording

In addition to time recording, you can also use the monthly recording for day-specific recording. And you always have the month in view!

Financial accounting

Individualised creation of single and collective invoices; additionally invoice cancellations, credit notes, open items, incoming payments and dunning procedures; automatic invoicing

Multi-client capability

Creation of any number of clients (branches) in one database; client-specific or cross-client statistics can be called up

Individual assignment of rights

The possibility to define and provide user-specific authorisation concepts.


A clear and concise presentation of turnover, wage and cost centre data as well as contribution margin accounting.