A change that sets you free.

You are a personnel service provider and are tired of the constant problems with your outdated software? Not only is the application interface ancient – so is the programming behind it. Annoying.
And last but not least, it’s a pity, because a modern programme takes a lot of work off your hands, especially in the personnel services sector, where data entry and accounting are very diverse.



Easy software change

With AGIL, you no longer need to worry about a change. As extensive as your data may be – we read it in and analyse it. So you can switch in a few weeks without getting out of step.

AGIL Icon Wechsel schnell

Change completed in just a few weeks

While we enter your data and adapt it step by step to the new software environment, you continue to work in your previous system. In parallel. In a few weeks, when everything is customised for you, we switch over.


AGIL imports your data from the last months

Based on your data from the past months, AGIL sees how your billing works. We adapt your new software for you accordingly. We also create orders for you individually – and take your respective default settings into account.

AGIL Icon Wechsel Datenanalyse

AGIL analyses your data

AGIL analyses your data from the last few months for you. This way, the software can immediately use the automatism of your AGIL programming.

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Data import in several steps

AGIL receives access to your previous database from you. The data import takes place in several steps. As a customer, you are involved and learn how your new AGIL programme works. When day X comes, you can start right away.

AGIL Icon Wechsel Unternehmensgroesse

Independent of the size of the company

What may surprise you: It makes no real difference whether your personnel service employs ten or thousands of staff. It takes longer to read in the master data if you have a larger number of employees. That is true. Nevertheless, the different payrolls are not much more diverse. So the programming behind it is the same.

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Training "on the fly" or individually

Since you as a personnel service provider are already involved in the import process during the changeover, you get to know your new programme right away. Perhaps you will no longer need separate training. If you do, we will train you individually and adapted to your needs. Remotely, on site or also in our training rooms – just as it suits you better.


Data protection compliant

So that the import of your data into your new software can be carried out with as little effort as possible, we are given access to your previous database. Of course, we comply with all data protection regulations.


Integration of other smart programmes

With AGIL you don’t just get a new software for time recording and accounting. AGIL is compatible with various supplementary programmes that make your work easier. For example, when it comes to payroll accounting or even the search for new employees.

easy payroll

You think this is a rumour? You shy away from a software change and worry about the difficulties that might be associated with a switch? You can’t even imagine changing horses and that you will even move forward again in the foreseeable future? With a switch to AGIL, these concerns are a thing of the past.

How is such a software change supposed to go without complications?

We make sure that a switch will not interrupt your processes, no matter which of our products you want to switch to. And it doesn’t matter how many employees you have. We read all your data from the last few months into our software in a data-protection-compliant manner, and learn how you settle accounts in your industry in the process. AGIL recognises your customer-specific wage types. This data import is a process that takes place in several steps. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the subsequent application already during the data transfer. Your training thus happens “on the fly”.

On day X, you are sitting in a softly padded saddle and can gallop away faster than ever before.

Does it all sound fantastic?
You want to know more about that?

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