Our customer Just Jobs GmbH relies on AGIL-Backoffice – Here you can find out why

In addition to a fantastic software solution for employee leasing, AGIL Software GmbH also offers other services, such as the AGIL Cloud solution or AGIL Backoffice. One of our customers, Just Jobs GmbH, has chosen AGIL Backoffice – and for good reasons. Find out here why this and other customers rely on our service.
Just Jobs GmbH B.Tarhan

Who is Just Jobs GmbH and what is the AGIL Backoffice?

Just Jobs GmbH is a medium-sized temporary employment agency with branches in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Stuttgart and Schorndorf. The company has specialised in classic placement-oriented temporary employment and has grown strongly in recent years. Founder and managing director of Just Jobs GmbH is Berkan Tarhan, who is the top performer of the Innovation Award 2021.

In order to continue to be successful, our client relies on an agile way of working and opted for AGIL Zeit and for AGIL Backoffice right from the start.

But what exactly is AGIL-Backoffice? AGIL-Backoffice is a service of AGIL Software GmbH, with which we relieve you of the time-consuming activities of your daily business. From processing timesheets to creating and sending invoices – with this service you can concentrate on bringing supply and demand together. Thanks to our numerous customers who use AGIL Backoffice, we at AGIL have extensive know-how and are always informed about current customer requirements and wishes.

Reasons for the decision of Just Jobs GmbH

Our client deliberately chose AGIL Zeit as well as AGIL Backoffice because they were looking for a flexible and efficient solution for their business. AGIL Zeit offers high performance for the management of customer addresses, personnel and orders as well as three different time recording options. The creation and sending of invoices or the display of turnover, wage and cost centre data is also easily possible in AGIL Zeit. Furthermore, the customer is enthusiastic about the comprehensive support and the regular updates, which provide him with a software that is always up-to-date.

With AGIL Backoffice, Mr. Tarhan was sure right from the start that, due to our years of experience and high flexibility, the individual process steps in his company would be handled faster and with fewer errors. The use of these solutions was thus an important step for Just Jobs GmbH to increase not only the efficiency of the individual actions, but also the customer satisfaction of the end customers.

Recommendation of Just Jobs GmbH

Just Jobs GmbH is very satisfied with the decision to use AGIL Zeit and AGIL Backoffice and would recommend this combination to anyone looking for an efficient and flexible solution. Since 2019, Just Jobs has been using the service and, due to the time savings, has been able to focus entirely on applicant management as well as new customer acquisition – with success. To date, Just Jobs GmbH has opened a total of three branches and is a successful company in the field of employee leasing.

“The use of AGIL Zeit and the service from AGIL Backoffice convinced us right from the start. The advantages that we have been able to achieve through the long-term use of these solutions are really impressive. Not only have we been able to optimise our business processes, but we have also gained in company size. We can therefore only recommend that any temporary employment agency looking for an efficient and flexible solution should select AGIL Zeit and AGIL-Backoffice!”

                                  – Berkan Tarhan, Managing Director of Just Jobs GmbH

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