agil tis

No more paperwork – AGIL TiS

For the first time, timesheets can be recorded and posted automatically. An exclusive service from AGIL Software GmbH. You simply scan the timesheets. AGIL TiS recognizes and records all data.

Scan instead of typing. Quickly captured.

We’ll show you here how easy it is. A wide variety of timesheets are scanned and ready. AGIL TiS reads the working hours on a daily basis – including all surcharges and extras.

The scanned timesheet is automatically assigned to the correct employee and month and all data is entered. However, the handwritten timesheet is not lost – if proof is required at a later date, this scan is stored in the archive for all time. You are definitely on the safe side.

All data is embedded in your AGIL time platform – without spending time typing numbers. Isn’t that a great service from AGIL TiS?

This makes it easy to save time and money.
Thanks to the innovative solutions from AGIL Software GmbH.

Talk to us about your needs and find the ideal solution - according to your requirements – according to your needs.